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 convert  PDF Duo .Net   Update!        Version 2.4
       September 5, 2013
 convert  Databeam Excel .Net        Version 2.1
       August 25, 2013
 convert  Databeam Word .Net   Update!        Version 2.1
       September 3, 2013
       PDF Duo .Net component
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ASP.NET component allows to convert HTML to PDF

Convert HTML to PDF using ASP.NET component in your modern C# VB.Net or other .Net projects

PDF Duo .Net component converts HTML to PDF

PDF Duo .Net is a professional server-based component in basis of ASP.NET enables to convert HTML to PDF in your dynamic Web Site or large-scale Business Project or Desktop Utility.

The component can be used in any ASP.NET languages (VB.Net, C# etc.) It is absolutely independent & doesn't require any additional components. PDF Duo .Net has C# classes with easy-to-operate methods to convert HTML to PDF as a file or as a stream. So developer after conversion of HTML to PDF can write resulting PDF to the window of Internet Browser directly.
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PDF Duo .Net  Key Features

•   Conversion directions:

   - HTML / HTMLX to PDF
   - ASP / ASPX to PDF
   - URL Address to PDF
   - TXT to PDF
      •   Mathods allows to convert:
      ASP.NET component includes C# example open source
Download ASP.NET component and try to convert HTML to PDF
+ Trial version adds commercial to resulting PDF
+ HTML to PDF converter free
   - File
   - Url
   - Stream
   - String
   - File
   - Stream
   - Byte array
   - String
•   HTML file can include formatting styles CSS those will be correctly converted to PDF.   •   Developed in 100% managed C# code and tested in ASP.NET web applications.
•   PDF compression to further reduce PDF document sizes.   •   Makes the best use of invalid or bad formed HTML file.
•   Takes a Web Site URL instead of HTML file in order to convert to PDF.   •   Does not require installed Microsoft Office ® or Adobe Acrobat ®. Supports .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0.

Quality of Converting HTML to PDF

HTML to PDF converting example   PDF Duo .NET component skillfully converts HTML to PDF with tables, styles, graphs, images, hyperlinks, fonts etc.

PDF Duo .Net component helps to convert HTML reports, HTML documents, HTML formatting text from your application to solid copy as a PDF. It is very quickly using the component to compose any ASP.NET Web or Windows application that will be able to convert either one or batch of HTML to PDF / XHTML to PDF files.

The component of HTML to PDF converting is very easy to use and is provided with 2 fully featured demos written in both C# and Visual Basic. They will help you to create your own ASP.NET web applications.

Convert HTML to PDF Example C# Code

How to convert HTML to PDF in ASP.NET? Installing package contains source code of demo program. Simple examples with source code help you using the PDF Duo .Net component to successfully convert HTML to PDF. There are examples with C# and VB source code. Here is the snippet of code from some ASP.NET project.

[ C# + ASP.NET]

Example of conversion HTML to PDF using the component
       Components News
  September 5, 2013  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Fixed bug in CSS parsing.
• Fixed bug in alignment of paragraphs and tables in HTML to PDF conversion.
• Improved the accuracy of table content rendering in PDF document.
  March 12, 2013  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Fixed bug in converting of compressed images.
• Added new feature for PDF bookmarks.
  July 17, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Fixed the bug with space between paragraphs in the PDF document.
• Html Parser was updated with new HTML tags.
  June 5, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Added the border style for simple text runs at html to pdf conversion.
• Selfclosed tags now handled properly.
  May 12, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Add new special symbols tof HTML.
• Fixed a bug in the style inheritance.
  April 15, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Removed minor bugs of Html tags reading.
• New overrides of methods OpenHTML / SavePDF.
  March 27, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Improved algorithm for rendering of nested tables in PDF.
• Added the parsing of new css styles.
  February 29, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Added more descriptive error messages for easier troubleshooting.
• Resolved problem with converting some web pages with javascript.
  February 4, 2012  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • Convert HTML links with anchors to internal links in resulted PDF.
• Added an option to compress images in PDF to highly reduce the PDF document size.
  December 14, 2011  
  PDF Duo .Net component 2.4
  • New algorithm of list rendering at HTML to PDF converting.
• Fixed the issue of indent in list writing to PDF.
  all news...
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