The Word type exposes the following properties.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only


True if all supporting files, such as background textures and graphics, are organized in a separate folder when you convert Word Document to HTML Web page. False if supporting files are saved in the same folder as the HTML page. The default value is False.


Return true if Word is installed, else false.


The return code of the last conversion. See return codes for each method individually.


Offen documents have pictures from external files. So document can contains just links to pictures that placed in other folder. Set the True to save pictures with the document. The default value is False.


True if hyperlinks and paths to all supporting files are automatically updated before you convert the document into a Web page, ensuring that the links are up-to-date at the time the document is saved. False if the links are not updated. The default value is True.


Version of installed MS Office(R).

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